Artist’s Statement

I either take three steps down from my dressing room, or six steps up from the garage workroom. That’s all it takes to transfer from my life as wife, dancer, golfer to being an artist. In my studio, one side is for oil painting the other for acrylic, mixed media. In between are tables for varnishing, framing, packaging and tagging. It all gets done in a space of 30 square feet. No committees to help make decisions, only 2 cats, one of whom is always asleep on my “thinking it over chair”. Do I dare move them? Any cat owner would know the answer, only at risk of being swatted and clawed.

In this space, time doesn’t exist and one and one is never two, sunlight streams in and shadows dance and talk and imagination rules. It’s a place where I get inside the world of the painting and no matter what I do it never gets upset at me. I may get cross or shout at it, but it never shouts back. This creative space continually teaches me that the more I get out of my own way,the more comes through, revealing my inner rhythms and process of shape making. This is my place to make art.

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