Working in an art form that focuses on the use of color in sound, I have always been inspired by artists who translate the beauty that surrounds us into a dance of vibrant colors on canvas. In Zoe’s art I discover that kind of marriage between movement, story, shapes and subjects that inspire song.  

– Jason Hardy, Director Opera Memphis  www.operamemphis.org

Beyond being an incredible artist, we are huge fans of Zoe and her work because of her exceptional skill in completing an artistic presentation. She, more than many we encounter, is able to use bold matting and framing choices that accentuate the emotion and feeling within a piece. It is constantly inspiring us!

– Casey Rexrode/Sarah Bean     www.pictureframes.com

I have taken two workshops with Zoe, Collage Construction and Painted Papers, and learned more in those four days than I could ever have imagined! Zoe has a rare combination of gifts that make her both a formidable artist and an excellent teacher. Her art is proof of a deep understanding of  design, color, and emphasis. She works at the mysterious edge of inflection and innuendo. Most important to her students, she can articulate the process so that they can bring those concepts to their own work. She is remarkably intuitive not only about her own work but  about her students, knowing when to support and when to challenge. I highly recommend her workshops

 – Kathleen Stern, Artist

Zoe’s pieces are truly lovely, replete with all the spontaneity a surface can bear, with the promise of delicate worlds within worlds, beautifully colored, innocent and quirky. She withdraws to childlike simplicity, dredging the subconscious for imagery. One views these pieces with their intriguing surfaces and evocative shapes as nearly perfect.

– Frederick Koeppel Art Reviewer, “The Commercial Appeal”

Zoe At Work

Zoe at work in her studio